Ways to Positively Promote Healthy Living

The goal would be to create Integrated “Whole-Person” Centered Programs.

Today, we spend a lot of time concerned with “allowed” Benefit offerings, which are tied specifically to the Federal Tax Code.  We should allow for more flexibility in the “offering” of Healthcare Benefits; and more ways to have more payers for the health insurance plans, even if it is on a “Taxable” basis.  For example; “new” programs could allow for Healthcare Providers to partner with Consumer Goods and Services companies to provide cash or cash-equivalent Incentives for healthy living; for one to buy healthy foods; and for one to Exercise. (happening today)

Consumer Goods companies could even offer to pay for your Health Insurance plan and/or to contribute money into your HSA account.  Think of it as a “Health Rewards Program” that helps you pay for your health insurance and your healthcare expenses, based on where you spend your money and how you spend your money.

Additionally, there should be new Employer options for Employers to offer to Employees.  One new option could be to have an Employer offer a Defined Contribution for the Employee to buy their own health insurance plan; and/or for the Employee to contract directly with a Healthcare system of Provider that would be paid by the Employer for the Employees health plan.  Employees should be able to have the funds paid directly to their healthcare Provider, pre-tax, through a TPA; or be able to purchase their own health insurance plan on a pre-tax basis. (These are proposed today.)