Thoughts on Marketing and Enrollment

Why is the Government now selling Health Insurance?  Why are we not aware that the Obamacare Open Enrollment period (6 weeks) was always intended to be similar to the Medicare Open Enrollment period (7 weeks)?  Although, HHS/CMS does now allow for States to operate their own extended Open Enrollment periods for Obamacare/PPACA health pans.

The Government should not be selling health insurance.  The Government does not even sell Medicare Health Insurance Plans directly, as they allow the Insurance Companies, Insurance Agencies, Brokers, etc. to sell Medicare Plans. There are proposed options for mimicking Medicare enrollment; and get the Government out of Health Insurance sales.  It is important to note that Government selling duplicates what the Private Sector is doing, wasting public money; and additionally draining Medicaid dollars at the same time, due to having created a complicated and duplicate process for Medicaid enrollees to sign up for Medicaid.